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We Want to HEAR the Full Story


One of our goals at the PODCAST CHANNEL is to solicit stories from across the country and the world, specifically targeting underrepresented groups and locations through our growing network.  Whether you are that beautiful orange haired girl we stopped to talk to while grocery shopping or you found this page by chance YOU have a story to tell - we want to encourage you to reach out to us and lets make that cool cosmic connection!

To facilitate the process of gathering stories, the New Voices project plans to build out a series of interesting stories.  We will offer a simple and clear plan on the submission process and the specific promotions that will be developed using the selected stories.




We can't wait for us to launch big in 2022 particularly with our New Voices project we believe that personal storytelling can inspire a new generation of podcast addicts and advocates; this belief is underscored by the wide popularity of community-themed movies, books, and podcasts. Additionally, it has been documented that personal storytelling makes us all better communicators and that's the thing! Although efforts in personal storytelling in SEM are growing in outreach and accessibility, there is currently no central digital publishing platform for sharing stories and nurturing creative inspiration.  Well then, welcome to the Podcast Channel New Voices Project.


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Project Vision

We all have an original story. This is true whether you are a mother who explores the Alaskan tundra, a gymnast who studies the way our body moves, or a Latina Super Woman who improves our understanding of the effects of air pollution on boys and girls.


These stories matter because they give us a glimpse into the ‘real person’ behind the name and job title.  The voice of who we are needs to be heard among our shared challenges and successes~


We all can inspire a new generation of social caring and advocacy!

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