REMEMBER TO CHECK BACK HERE (.org) FOR UPDATES -- The player will become .com when we officially launch!

We're just getting things going here at the Podcast Channel with updates about going live shortly -- we expect by late October (if not before) to be testing our alpha-app with  our soft-experimental platform launch as we test functions and protocols.  Please be patient!

Become one of our beta-testers!
If you already have a podcast and are curious to learn more about having your show carried on the Podcast Channel - please contact us - as well as all you newbies that are curious or wanting help producing your program - we are here to help with our Studio Podcasts service

All Coming Soon!


Manage Your Podcast

Statuses indicators in the Podcasts Channel

The status indicates immediately whether your show, episode, channel, or subscription needs attention.  Please note our application and web pages are still in development and many of the proposed features may change and are not functioning yet at this juncture.

Podcast Channel content guidelines

Podcasting is an extraordinary medium that allows people to share information, perspectives, stories, and ideas with listeners around the world. With the Podcast Channel in launch phase our guiding principle is simple: we want to provide a delightful, trusted experience for new listeners, and rewarding opportunities for creators to successfully present their podcasts, distribute & monetize their shows. Click to learn more about the Podcast Channel's content guidelines

Apply to have your podcast on our channel

Interested in having your show featured during the early phase of the Podcast Channel launch?  We are looking for great podcasts with great content that will drive traffic back to the channel where we all can benefit from shared audiences.  To do that, we are currently reviewing shows that stand out and welcome your contribution.  Selection is made at this stage by invitation only however, we are happy to review your application (coming soon) test listeners and program staff will listen to your podcast (or read your proposal) as part of the submission process.

The following will apply (specs coming soon)

  • Meets our technical requirements

  • Meets our content guidelines

  • Contains the required tags

  • Includes show cover art and episode media files

  • If you’re submitting your show via an RSS feed URL, validation is strictly a technical evaluation which ensures your RSS feed: 

We are actively looking for new potential podcast hosts and original shows we can help develop

Please read our review process below:

Our Review Process

Before they’re available on the  Podcast Channel, all new channelsshows, and subscriptions are reviewed to ensure they comply with our content guidelines.


We’ll send you an email when the status of your podcast is updated.


You can also monitor the status in Podcast Channel Panel (coming soon).

Approved podcasts, channels, and subscriptions

If your content is approved, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a link to it in the Podcast Channel. Podcasts, channels, and subscriptions are reviewed separately, so it’s possible for a podcast to be available online at while the associated channel is still in review. Similarly, a channel might be available on the Podcast Channel while the subscription is still in review.   You can read more about our Review Process here.

We look forward to working with you in any capacity that supports the successful launch of the PODCAST CHANNEL.  It is an exciting time to participate in this early development phase.  Thank you!

Hosts Wanted

Become What's Next & Delightfully New


Join a Live Zoom Demo to Learn What it's Like to Host Your Own Show

Drop in for one of our weekly Live Demos with one of our Program Production experts for an overview of how to schedule time and host your own show!

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