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Enter: Webinars for Podcasters

There is reason and rhyme to including webinars in your podcast production schedule -- first lets explain what a genuine 'webinar' really is. True, you could make podcasts out of Zoom meetings and many do but technically those 'ain't webinars... the word is derived from the classic term 'seminars' just done online... so there are many considerations here to consider:

The Lead-Generation or Sales Webinar

This is the most common type of “webinar” that is offered today. (Although, again, most of these aren’t webinars by definition.) This is where you get someone to register for your webinar in exchange for them providing you with their email address and other relevant information. You get a new contact on your list and a chance to sell a product or service, the prospective consumer gets free content. It’s quid pro quo.

If you’re using this type of webinar to explain further a concept or product talked about on your regular podcast you will want to develop a presentation style that fits with your good reputation, make sure that you provide content and value that fits your podcast format but can also stand independent of your regular line-up particularly if you also sell a product or service.

Focus on providing value and building a relationship so that you become the first point of contact for anyone seeking a solution in your arena. A webinar can become a great tool for special presentations and it is a great way to do that by also allowing new webinar watchers learn more about you and that you also have a podcast (even if that webinar is not an episode).

Lets say you bring on an insurance agent who can offer benefits in your niche. Instead of selling lets say an insurance policy over a webinar or podcast (which is impossible and maybe illegal) you can use a webinar to 'drill down' to educate a specific population about different life insurance policies and how they affect succession plans and become the go-to resource on this topic (which fits being a talk show guest on a podcast) while teaching at the same time directly using a webinar type format (showing slides, etc) making it fit for both ways of presenting work to build a list (also both can be replayed either as a podcast or webinar).

The Audience-Generation or Live Stream Episode/Webinar

OK again not a common type of “podcast webinar” but again the idea is getting people to register so you can capture their email address and other relevant contact information. By growing your CRM or autoresponder (email) list you get to build followers who get to keep up with your new show announcements and again, paste an affiliate or ad link for another chance to sell a product or service, ahhh the benefits of aligning both podcasts and webinars

If you’re using this type of webinar again, content is KING and what will be the draw, a special guest? Celebrity competition? Chance for the audience to win an all expense paid vacation? Make this type of interaction fit your podcast format yet stand out for the reason that is something different - throwing variety around keeps your audience interested and spreads WOM word of mouth marketing thus creating BUZZ. Focus on what will make this type of presentation so FANTASTIC that it draws a specific NEW AUDIENCE segment while encouraging excitement among your existing loyal followers.

For example, lets say I have a special guest who also happens to be an author or better yet a motivation speaker - given the specific theme of the show I could be live streaming my podcast at a seminar, interview the speaker before they come to town and give a sample chapter or seminar slice on my show... We can also become a promotion (affiliate) partner and offer the seminar company another way to get attention where they might pay for ads or trade for tickets that I can resell or giveaway. The presenters audience & followers now become aware of my podcast presence at the program (hopefully acknowledged on stage and with banners hanging in the room) and this type of webinar/seminar can be a good cross promotion tool as well. Its a great way to generate a new audience and grow followers.

The Multi-Module Podcast Webinar or Webinar Series

This is the crème de la crème of profit-yielding webinars, as is also the most versatile if structured and designed well.

If you’re a trainer, you can use these webinars to convert your face-to-face content to a virtual format that you can sell at the same price point. If you’re an author, you can expand your podcast episodes into chapters for a book or into a training program that goes beyond the pale. If your podcast features certain types of companies or offers a product that is used to help consumers generate income, specialized training webinars to show them how it works can be a great solution (and side-show addition to your podcast efforts) —whether your not you choose to sell them for profit. Think about a certification or continuing education units. Can your business provide content to help someone achieve a credential?

The possibilities here are endless, and the repackaging opportunities abundant. Keep in mind the importance of well-defined learning objectives, the continuity of material, and making sure each module or part of the series provides value that can stand on its own, but also builds to something greater throughout the course.

No matter which type of webinar you chose, remember the two key ingredients: training and interaction. A well-executed webinar takes work, but it’s worth it.

This article was modified to fit podcasters use if webinars

(adapted from Entrepreneur magazine)

Just some of the webinar domains in our gallery collection - ready for development (contact)

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