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With so many hacking breeches in the news keeping up to date with all things technology is the focus for July podcast list!


While we compile data to see what's trending and popular we are creating a list of highlighted podcasts that cover a wide range of topics and for June we examine podcasts with a technology theme format, from discussing the history of cybercrime and what it looks like today, to understanding the best ways to navigate your life in a digital age. They range from short, seven-minute bursts, to full fledged hour and a half deep dives, meaning there is something for everyone. Happy listening!

How I Built This is hosted by Guy Raz, an acclaimed radio and podcast personality. This NPR podcast focuses on the stories from the creators or some of the world’s best known companies, and how they came to be. These entrepreneurs and innovators transparently discuss the ways in which their businesses have come to be over the decades, with ideas and lessons left behind that can be applied to businesses of any size.

The Cyberlaw Podcast is hosted by Stewart Baker, a partner of Steptoe & Johnson LLP. The podcast is a series of weekly interviews and discussions about current events concerning technology, privacy, government, and security. Baker talks with politicians, reporters, academics, and authors, often focusing on where cybersecurity intersects with the law, and offering different opinions and debates on the topics.

Pivot is hosted by Kara Swisher, New York Magazine Editor-at-Large and Co-Founder of Recode, and Scott Galloway, a Marketing professor at NYU. This podcast discusses some of the biggest stories in business, technology, and politics every Tuesday and Friday morning. They offer their insights and opinions on the stories, lending their strong personalities to the case.

Darknet Diaries is hosted by Jack Rhysider, a knowledgeable member of the security world who has previously worked in a security operations center for a Fortune 500 company. This podcast focuses on the dark side of the web, such as stories involving cybercrime and hackers. Darknet Diaries aims to “capture, preserve, and explain the culture around hacking and cyber security in order to educate and entertain both technical and non-technical audiences.”

The CyberWire is a collection of podcasts created by the CyberWire team. These podcasts allow you to keep yourself up to date on all things happening within cyberspace, and to understand the current threats and issues happening within cybersecurity. The collection of podcasts lets you choose your preferred version of information about cybersecurity, whether it be the Daily Podcast which focuses specifically on the news, Career Notes which focuses on cybersecurity professionals, or more.

7 Minute Security is hosted by Brian Johnson, a security enthusiast who’s spent around twelve years working in IT before shifting to focus on information security in 2013. The podcast focuses on helping listeners build a career in security, with information about pentesting, blue teaming, technical security tests, online privacy tips, and more. Each podcast is only around seven minutes long, making it easily digestible content and perfect for people who can’t dedicate an hour or so of their time to listen to a full length podcast.

Back to Work is hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin. Their podcast focuses on the convergence between people, technology, and work. Their discussions range from communication, different types of constraints and barriers, productivity, and more.

Smashing Security is hosted by Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, two veterans of the computer security industry. This podcast takes a lighthearted approach to the news and views of cybersecurity, hacking, online privacy, and more, allowing you to laugh as you take in the helpful and educational information. Despite this different approach from most cybersecurity podcasts, the hosts are still able to handle the weighty topics easily.

Note to Self is hosted by Manoush Zomorodi. The podcast focuses on how to navigate your life in the digital age, and as the podcast’s website describes, it is “your weekly reminder to question everything.” The show focuses on the way technology is impacting different parts of our lives, and how to use it effectively without falling into traps.

Malicious Life is hosted by Ran Levi, an author of three books who’s worked as an electronics engineer and programmer for a few high-tech companies in Israel. The podcast focuses on the evolution and history of the cybersecurity industry, through interviews with experts, politicians, and hackers. This podcast is made for anyone interested in the background history of cybercrime, and the state that it is in today.

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